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Remote support for constant peace of mind

One of the key objectives for any organisation is the continuous availability of key systems such as servers and workstations. Netflo can proactively monitor your infrastructure remotely round the clock. Knowing of issues or potential problems in advance will ultimately lead to a faster recovery time and better availability of your systems.

Our remote monitoring software can be deployed to your network to collect all alerts and relay traffic back to our monitoring centre. Our engineers will receive reports on the health of your network, providing a full overview of your network. We are able to check your systems performance, identify and fix issues before any of your users are aware or your business is impacted. From our experience, we have found this aspect of remote monitoring and reporting a great asset in proactively maintaining our clients networks.

When you require assistance, we are able to remote control your machines via the Internet securely, this is not only bound to your office – you could be in a hotel abroad. To provide a greater degree of flexibility we can even wake your machine up remotely if it’s turned off, to troubleshoot and resolve the issue at hand.

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