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Having a good data backup strategy can guard against data loss, support compliance with Data Protection regulations and protect your organisation from disaster. Over time that strategy needs to be reviewed and maintained. We know that implementing a backup strategy is clearly not a ‘set and forget’ method, it would be naive to think it was as simple as that, then to find out whether it was working during a disaster.

With Netflo backup management, your business will achieve:

  • Continuity – ensuring your backup software is fully updated
  • Compliance – keeping backup logs for a set period of time
  • Assurance – monitoring that your data and crucial systems are backed up and verified
  • Planning – to review your backup strategy periodically to ensure you don’t outgrow your current backup capacity
  • Encryption – keeping your data safe and secured

Protect your business with our backup management solutions

There are multiple ways in which you can backup your IT infrastructure, Netflo can help you manage and implement the following solutions:

Online Backup – Remote backup via the internet

A remote off-site backup solution of your files and systems which are connected to the internet.

Disk Imaging – Snapshot of your system

This type of backup is often described as a “bare metal backup” because it backs up physical disks at the volume level. Recent technology advances allows for images to be transferred to dissimilar hardware in the event of a disaster.

File Based Backup – Traditional method of backup

File based backup is the type of backup that most people are familiar with. A backup of this type is similar to simply performing a copy and paste command. This type of backup has evolved to allow granular restores of data such as individual emails.

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