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Reduce spam and reduce the risks to your network with managed anti-spam solutions

Spam emails are a huge problem for organisations, either you find yourself spending too much time filtering through legitimate emails from spam or find your current spam solution is blocking legitimate emails.

Netflo’s managed anti-spam services include a quarantine section which can be accessed via a web interface allowing users to manage their own spam. You have  the ability to manage your personal email blacklist, whitelist or release emails which have been wrongly detected as spam.

With our spam solution you can reduce the risks from a denial-of-service attack on your mail server. A denial-of-service attack is when a spammer sends a flood of email traffic to your server to bring down or disrupt email services.

We can help dramatically reduce this risk by using a cloud based solution which scans your emails for viruses  and spam. Filtered emails are then delivered to your mail server almost instantly, saving you considerable bandwidth while keeping your network secure from hackers.

The providers we work with offer a 99.9% uptime SLA, based on your requirements we can tailor a solution to your needs, click here to speak to us about our managed anti-spam services.

Eliminate email downtime with Managed Email continuity solutions

Every organisation from time to time has to carry out maintenance on a mail server; some are scheduled and some are not. We understand downtime on your mail services is a huge disruption to your business.
With our managed email continuity services, if your mail server was offline or unavailable for any reason, emails sent to you during this time would continue to be queued safely on our platform. These messages can be managed via our web interface where you can reply or send new emails and most importantly continue receiving emails. When your mail server is available all the queued emails simply flow into your mail server, while ensuring you don’t lose any messages and just as importantly no lost time.

The providers we work with offer a 99.9% uptime SLA, based on your requirements we can tailor a solution to your needs click here to speak to us about our managed email continutity services.

Hosted email

We understand that you may not want the hassle of running your own email server in house, keeping it updated,  configured and maintained. We offer a much simpler alternative which depending on your needs can vary from simple POP3 mailboxes to G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Business) or Microsoft Office 365.
The hosted email solutions include anti-spam, mobile device connectivity and an uptime SLA of 99.9%. We can recommend a suitable solution according to your requirements, click here to speak to us about our hosted email services.

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