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We understand that you would like your staff to work remotely, it allows them to be productive and get work done out of business hours or from another country on the other side of the world. Opening up your internal network in a safe and controlled way is not an easy task and cannot always work as expected.

Our team at Netflo are trained to help your workforce on connecting to the company network and discussing different methods of remote connectivity. A few options for remote connectivity include the following:

Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services offer secure server based computing, allowing users to logon to either a single server or a farm of servers. You can define policies for who can logon remotely, what they can access and when they can logon. Everything can be monitored and audited for peace of mind.

Secure access can also be granted to users work machine explicitly without the need for a VPN, simplifying the whole users experience from home. Our solutions also allow for connectivity via Macs too, so if you want to work via your iPad, that too is possible.


If you are currently emailing sensitive documents to yourself and just after an easy way of just connecting to the files you work with on a daily basis, a VPN to your company network is the way forward. It can be interpreted as running a very long network wire from your company network to your home machine. You can also connect to the VPN and access your work machine via Remote Desktop Services. This way all your icons, files and settings are visible on your desktop just like they are in the office.

3rd Party Solutions

Third party vendors such as LogMeIn and GoToMyPC offer web based remote access via their website for a nominal monthly price, they too offer features such as remote printing and file transfer.

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